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There's a place for everyone to belong in this family. Check out some of the opportunities:

I want to ...

Assist at the Mass

The help of many liturgical ministers is needed - before, during and after every celebration of Mass.

Meet with other Christian women

If you're looking to connect with other Christian women,  we have groups for various ages and interests.

Meet with other Christian men

If you're looking to belong to a group of dedicated Christian men, we have a number of groups ready to welcome you.

Assist our young disciples

The education and formation of the next generation of disciples is of prime importance, and your help is appreciated.

Help out behind the scenes

With 2,800 families, there is a lot to do behind the scenes, from finance to gardening.

Grow in your prayer

Many groups revolve around prayer designed to help further your relationship with Christ.

Explore or renew my faith

Looking to learn more about your Catholic faith or rekindle the fire of the Spirit within?

Reach out to others in need

We respond to the needs of our brothers and sisters with the resources God has given us.

Offer my knowlege

We have some groups that operate as think tanks and could use your knowledge.

Offer my physical skills

From gardening to carpentry, there are a number of activities that require physical skills.

Offer my creativity

Creativity helps the  Saint Paul Catholic Community move forward and flourish.

Get involved! And I'm young!

There are many opportunities for our Young Church. We welcome your talents!

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